Deficit vs. Abundance

When Irina was growing up in the Soviet Union, she learned the challenges of having to make the most out of very little. During her childhood, it was difficult to obtain high quality clothes behind the Iron Curtain. People would wait hours in line just to get fashionable boots or a dress - an experience unimaginable to many cultures today. This feeling of deficit was instrumental in shaping how Irina views fashion and style. She became a master of dressing nicely with few items in the closet.

When Irina emigrated from Moscow to Boston, she was overwhelmed by choices. It was a cultural abundance that she never experienced in the Soviet Union. Even the simplest things like going to the department store immersed her in options. Irina came to embrace this culture and when circumstances aligned she chose her career path as an artist and lifestyle designer. Being creative, she experimented by taking a blank canvas, painting beautiful abstract oils, creating derivative designs, and transforming it all into either designer activewear, fabrics, and wallpapers for interiors. By merging minimalist and maximalist lifestyles, Irina created collections of practical and beautiful lines of wearable art athleisure.

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