Custom Design

Submit an inquiry and we tailor to all your needs!
We can accommodate any type of pattern design on our products and fabrics you need, from costumes for shows to individual designs. We work with A-list individuals as well as ballet ensembles to create customized designs, and we are here to help you! Let us show you few examples of our recent projects.
Koltun Ballet Boston
Koltun Ballet Boston approached us with an intention to commission one-of-a-kind designs for their upcoming competition with modern dance Dive. A collection of exclusively developed dancing leggings and tops have been presented for their review upon which an order has been placed. It was also a double-win for the ballet dancers as they first felt spectacular at the competitions, and secondly were excited to wear these leggings and tops at the practice, school and social outings knowing that they wear sustainability conscious brand.
Dance Center of San Antonio
Dance Center of San Antonio looked for dresses to stand out at the international competitions. On our website, a principal choreographer selected ready-to-wear dress that fuses original art’s bold prints with brushstrokes for the ensemble’s modern dance.
California Mansion
Owners of a unique CA-based gated community mansion inquired about custom-designed fabrics for their master bedroom suite. The intention was to have one-of-a-kind silks because every piece in this property was hand-picked and custom-made. New collection of pattern designs were created, textile samples shipped and upon finalizing on choices, a window decor has been placed.
Wearable art fabrics was a custom design to frame this Pacific vista view and bring colours of the sunset inside.
Clients decided to hand-pick every piece for this mega-property themselves, and tirelessly worked to implement the project as envisioned.
Recreation room connects master bedroom and bathroom and anchoring the suit. A cool sitting area is the owner’s dogs' favorite place.
You are welcome to inquire about our collection of design for our of a kind outfits
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