IG MODA by Irina Gorbman, Inc. Wear Art - Recharge From Within®

Irina Gorbman believes that in our technology-driven world, we need a color boost to feel more energetic and holistic. Each art-inspired garment works as a battery for recharging from within. Irina believes that wearing an artwork elevates the energy field and makes people happier.
Wear Art - Recharge From Within®
Irina Gorbman
Irina Says
Design work is derivative from my paintings. I am first and foremost an abstract metaphysical artist, secondary I am a designer. My art always comes first. It’s my ground, my home base, the most truthful representation of who I am. Once the painting is finished, it gives me the inspiration to create a design pattern. Then it becomes a fun process seeing how my art takes another life as a pair of leggings, a wallpaper or a scarf. The painting breaths multiple lives throughout different designs.

Usually I work in the evening and my painting is the result of my emotional state of that day. I put on my work robe and I’m channeled. I paint without my glasses, I don’t need to see, I need to feel and transmit with my hand what comes through my heart. I dont sketch either. When I paint I seize a moment. And I don’t pre-select a color palette. My hand picks the colors, intuitively making the hues and patterns reflecting the state of mind - happiness, joy, curiosity.
My studio is the place where my left brain is dormant and the right one is active, transmitting the energy of imagination and feeling into a visual art representation. My decade-long study about the healing power of colors and experimentation with meditative art drives the colors and patterns.
It’s hard to describe and easier to experience - similar as listening to a beautiful music piece or experiencing a painting. Many of my clients share that wearing my clothes make them happy and energized. The happy vibes from my paintings transcend into my clothes. I call this a wearable battery because it energizes you on the level of subconsciousness.

Our Story

Irina Gorbman is a self-taught artist and pattern designer for fashion and decor.  Irina's art is inspired by Zen philosophy and Buddhist teachings that aspire to cultivate vitality and find harmony within ourselves and with the Universe.  Irina is an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation.  Art That Heals(tm) is the idea behind her paintings. 
Irina's art, fashion, fabrics and wallpaper collections have been shown at Architectural Digest Design Shows in New York, Boston Home Decor Show, Boston Fashion Week, galleries and numerius fundraising galas in Boston.
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