About Company

IG MODA is an athleisure brand where design fuses expressionistic art into the garments with bold prints, monochromatic color schemes and abstract brushstrokes.  The line features a mix of modular leggings and tops for yoga, dance, ballet, cycling, running and casual day pieces that are ideal from transitioning seamlessly between workouts to everyday style with staple outfits.   
Each artistic outfit presents an abstract design that carries subliminal meditative vibe from original painting and creates happy uplifting feelings.  It is like a "battery" that helps you to recharge.  We invite you to experience Wear Art - Recharge From Within™
Merging fashion and spirituality is the focal point of the brand.
All limited edition designs are ethically made of an eco-friendly polyester and spandex mix with a touch of hand. Based on your choice, the order will be shipped immediately if we have it in stock (otherwise, it may take 3-4 weeks to fulfill the order based on the size of the order).
You will receive a shipment confirmation email with tracking information from us. If you still have not received shipping confirmation for your order after a week, please email to info@igorbman.com so we can look into it for you. You can also email us if you need shipping expedited, or with any other questions.
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